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‘72 Graduate Reminds Students to “Believe” in Themselves

Coach Ron Zook of the University of Illinois “Fighting Illini”
Football Team shared information about his career and inspired students
with his advice in a festive, gymnasium atmosphere when he came home to speak at LHS, his high school alma mater.

Sponsored by the Loudonville/Perrysville Alumni Association and
considered the first in a series of potential alumni speakers at LHS,
Ron encouraged the students to be successful. He emphasized that “first
you must decide what success is and then work hard at it” during his
April 21 speech.

Also, Ron reminded students that “things now are not so different than
they were decades ago” and that “you can be successful no matter where
you are from.” He offered, “Wherever I travel I am proud to say that I
am from Loudonville, OH.” Retired Loudonville dentist and longtime friend of Ron, Dr. David Mallory, prepared a video that was shown to students previous to the
visit. Dr. Mallory told the story of introducing Ron as a high school senior to his brother Bill Mallory, then the head football coach of Miami University of Ohio. Later, Ron “walked on” and was a team starter for all four of his college years. At Miami he decided to be a teacher and coach rather than a dentist.

On the day of the visit, a video produced by Kim Dinger Stitzlein, ‘74 and current LHS teacher, was shown in the classrooms to educate students of Coach Zook’s accomplishments. The informative video included pictures of his family - brother Bob, ‘67, sister Pam Wachtel, 81, brother Tom, ‘83, nephew Ryan Thatcher, ‘07, uncle Lawrence Spreng, ‘46, and cousins Jim Spreng, ‘68, Becky Spreng Drouhard, ‘71, and Pat Drouhard, ‘69 - as well as Coach Zook’s professional and
college coaching history and his many awards. Afterwards, Judy Smith Briggs, ‘72 and guidance secretary, called the students from the classrooms to the assembly. While entering the gym, students, staff, Ron, his mother, and a few family members listened to the “Fight Song” played by the band. The dance team which is advised by Aimee Fowler Young, ‘87, then for this special occasion performed their award winning routine wearing orange and blue “Illini” shirts.

The audience sang the “Alma Mater.” Then, Ron was introduced by Bo Mallory, ‘88 graduate and son of Dr. Mallory. After his speech, Ron took questions from the students and they gave him a standing ovation. Working for the LPA to bring Coach Zook back to LHS for the students were Kenny Krupp, ‘72 classmate and friend of Ron, and Sue Banks, ‘68 graduate and LPA president.

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