Ninety-two pennants which have hung in the LHS cafeteria, hallways, and Guidance Office were donated to Loudonville High School over the years by former students, teachers, coaches, and friends. A plaque commemorating those contributions was given to LHS by Sue Banks, School Counselor, and is placed in the Guidance Office. Displayed on the plaque is the information listed below: two quotes, the name of the friend or college-bound student who gave the pennant, the institutions of higher learning represented, and the year from which the student graduated from LHS or how the donor was related to LHS.

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” - Dr. Seuss, Author

“These pennants represent colleges and universities throughout the nation where L/P students have become undergrads, professors, athletes, coaches, graduate students, deans, and vice presidents.”

Sue Banks, L.H.S. counselor


Dr. Raynard Swank
University of Chicago - 1930
Robert Remington
Ottawa University - 1962
Stephen Smith
Oregon State University
Joan Blakely Leslie
Northern Missouri State University - 1967
Joan Blakely Leslie
Truman State University 1967
Linda Drouhard Franko California State, Long Beach University - 1967
Linda Drouhard Franko University of Dayton - 1967
Ellen Strang Black
Ohio University - 1967
Sue Banks
Capital University - 1968/ LHS Counselor
Joie Drouhard Gregor
Case Western Reserve University - 1968
Joie Drouhard Gregor
Stanford University - 1968
Joie Drouhard Gregor
University of Colorado - 1968
Rob Koppert
The College of Wooster 1968
Lynn McClure Smith
Ohio State University -1968
John Banks
Tri-State University - 1968
Stephen Glasgo
Webster University - 1970
Eric R. Koppert
Kenyon College - 1970/ L-P School Board
Bruce Koppert
The College of Wooster
Ron Zook
University of Illinois - 1972
Mitch Browning
University of Kansas - 1975
Mitch Browning
University of Minnesota - 1975
Scott Browning
Edinboro University - 1977

Jill Byers

Kent State University -1978
Jill Byers
O.S.U. - Agricultural and Technical Institute - Wooster
Cathy Reynolds
Heidelberg College - 1979
Carrie Mitsch
Chiarella University of Notre Dame - 1981
Brian Kauffman
Park College - 1982
Debbie Glauer
University of Florida - Gainesville - 1985
Jackie Arnold Keiser

Bowling Green State University
1987/ LHS Teacher

Wayne Girbach
University of Toledo - 1987

Nichole Lett

Thomas More College - 1988
Bo Mallory
West Point Academy - 1988

Jim Ebenhoh

Harvard University - 1989
Ellen Kick
University of California - Berkeley 1989
Karie Kirkpatrick
Ohio Wesleyan University
Jacob Kuttothara
Boston University - 1989
Jacob Kuttothara
Boston University - 1989
Steven Kline
Denison University - 1990
Heather Sayers
MacMurray College - 1990
Susan Shireman Walters Belmont University - 1990
Jessica Augustine
Wright State University - 1991
Melissa Beck
University of Michigan - 1991
Rebecca Roesch
George Washington University
Amy and Heidi Mallory
Miami University - 1991/1993
Eric Krantz
John Carroll University
Lisa Marshall
University of Akron - 1992
Mike Martin
University of Cincinnati - 1992
Reed Strong
Marietta College - 1992
Amy Zuercher
Mt. Union College - 1992
T.J. Croy
Xavier University - 1993
Christopher Kaylor
Xavier University - 1993
Justin Huffman
Westminster College - 1994
Sherry Mowry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology -1994
Larry Mowry
Valparaiso University - 1996
Michelle Dresch
Asbury College - 1997
Jane Gooding
Wellesley College - 1998
Jena Whitcomb
Ohio Dominican University
Andrew Lavengood
Carnegie Mellon University

Ryan Taggart
Walsh University - 1999

Chris Durbin
Freed-Hardman University

Sheila Koppert

Northwood University - 2000

Brandon Danals

Florida Institute of Technology - 2002
Brian Allerding
Malone College - 2002

Mike Byers

University of Pennsylvania
Elaine Wilson
Shawnee State University
Arwen Lavengood Allegheny College - 2002
Lauren Henley
Franciscan University
Troy Conant
Purdue University - 2002
Jeff Huffman
Muskingum College - LHS Teacher/Coach
Carolyn Vickers
Carmichael Ashland University - LHS Teacher/Coach
Chris Swank
General Motors Engineering and Management Institute
Joyce Eckert Morton
Ohio Northern University
Friend of LHS
John Zody
Fort Hayes State University
Friends of LHS
Baldwin-Wallace College
Milligan College
Mt. Vernon Nazarene College
The Ohio State University
Wittenberg University
Otterbein College
DeVry University
North Central State College
Salem College
Kurtis Baldner
Mt. Union College - 2003
Trevor Ross
Lake Superior State University - 2003
John Shearer
Kettering University - 2004
Zach Young
Notre Dame College of Ohio
Kyle Gillette
Northern Kentucky University -
Sam Koppert
Sarah Lawrence College
Lissa Glasgo
Rice University - 2006
Brandon Carmel
New York University - 2006

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