The LPA manned a booth in the Merchant’s Tent at the 2005 Loudonville Fair where nearly 800 names of graduates were collected both for the directory and for potential volunteer interest. This presence at the fair will continue each year to develop ongoing communication and networking with alumni and for fundraising endeavors.

The first LPA Scholarship of $500 was awarded to 2006 LHS graduate Ashley Taylor. The second LPA Scholarship of $500 was awarded to 2007 LHS graduate Jamie Miller.

To date, six decade reunions have been hosted at the American Legion Hall in Loudonville.

  20-40s - May 13, 2006 Luncheon 83 alumni plus guests
20-40s - April 19, 2008 Luncheon 90 alumni plus guests
50s - August 26, 2006 Dinner 123 alumni plus guests
60s - May 12, 2007 Dinner 118 alumni plus guests
70s - August 11, 2007 Dinner 116 alumni plus guests
80s - July 26, 2008 Dinner 44 alumni plus guests

A special interest in Kettering, 1895 LHS graduate, is being cultivated within the community by LPA members. In August of 2006, Mr. Kettering would have been 130 years old. To honor his extensive accomplishments, in coming years a bronze statue will be erected in the southeast quadrant of Loudonville’s Central Park to commemorate his long lasting influence in the area. As well, curriculum materials will be provided to the LP Schools which can support Kettering’s historical significance in the area of science, inventions, and patents.

The first annual Alumni Achievement Award was announced to honor Charles F. Kettering, the distinguished Loudonville High School alumnus, for his contributions to the school district and to the community in the early years as well as long-standing financial support to this day.

At the January 2006 Winterfest LPA sponsored an ice sculpture of “Boss Ket” that was placed near the fountain in Central Park. Also, the LPA has hosted a meeting in each of 2006 and 2007 of representatives from all of the 501(C)(3) organizations such as the LHS FFA Alumni, L-P Endowment Fund, LP Athletic Boosters, LP Music Boosters, and LP Academic Boosters who support the Loudonville-Perrysville Schools. It was decided that the group, which is named the Alumni Boosters, should gather once a year to coordinate thoughts and ideas.

Ongoing and project-oriented committees are being formed to solicit donations; to research historical school information and collect yearbooks, school-related pictures, and other memorabilia; to develop the scholarship program, choose winners, and increase the amounts; to initiate fund raising activities; to organize decade reunions; to maintain an alumni database; and to plan for the next fair booth -- all in hopes of contributing to the betterment of the LP Schools, teachers, and students.

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