Organized in January of 2005, the Loudonville/ Perrysville Alumni Association was formed when an interested group of Loudonville High School and Perrysville High School alumni met under the direction of Sue Banks, retired L/P School Counselor, at the Loudonville Public Library. A 10-member steering committee was established with at least one member representing each decade since the 1940s of both Perrysville and Loudonville graduates. Then, the following volunteers represented the group:

Steering Committee:

Abby Hines Kendra Roberts Becky Furlong Marjorie Atkinson
Sue Banks Norma Mowers Zody Myra Arndt Cathy Lance
Stacey Donelson Eric Koppert

Also, the following mission statement was developed: "To support Loudonville/Perrysville Schools and graduates and to provide a tool for communication to stay connected to our communities."

In May of 2005 the appropriate papers for incorporation were filed for the Loudonville/Perrysville Alumni. Later, facilitated by Dr. Herb Broda of Ashland University, a workshop was held for all steering committee members and guests to develop goals and strategies for the group. The top five priorities were:

1. to establish governance procedures
2. to buy office equipment
3. to create a logo
4. to develop a website
5. to seek grants/raise funds

The next four goals included securing a database of graduates, recruiting members, setting up a booth at the Loudonville Fair, and awarding scholarships.

Cathy Lance designed the graphic of the graduation mortarboard to be used as the LPA logo. “Membership” of the LPA has been defined to include all who attended and/or graduated from Perrysville and Loudonville Schools and does not involve a membership fee. Donations from alumni as well as interested community individuals, businesses, and corporations are accepted.

The LPA contracted with Harris Connect, publishers of alumni books and specialists in researching information for alumni databases, to gather contact information about the “Redbird Nation.” To help in this process, volunteers spent over 100 hours at LHS copying names and addresses from old student records. Volunteers also attempted to collect print and electronic databases from as many classes as possible so that the alumni contacts could be as up-to-date as possible. Letters, postcards, and phone calls confirmed information and the alumni directory was delivered to buyers in October of 2006.

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